Mentor/Monitor Advocacy Program

Restoring Credibility by Accountability.

Mentor/Monitor Programs


When someone commits to this program for 90 days, they sign a commitment to maintain the process of abstinence by following this simple process:

Make a Facetime call daily to Case Manager to display or report the following information;

  1. Consumption of medications.
  2. Attendance at community support meetings (Twelve Step, SMART, other).

A Certified Case Manager is assigned for the purpose of observing behaviors of client and documenting same.

ABA ( applied behavioral analysis) formerly known as behavior modification, using cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) tools including REBT (Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy) Clients are required to obtain and read the approved literature of the support group meeting and discuss this with the Case Manager.

Weekly documented observational reports are provided to referring physician or therapist, with a copy to client.

Medication Management (Alcohol Abuse Disorder)
Client agrees to obtain a prescription for Antabuse (Disulfram) 250 mg for 90 days from a physician and take pill on Facetime every day, for the Case Manager to witness.

Medication Management (Dual Diagnosis)
Client agrees to allow the prescribing physician to engage Case Manager to witness the taking of certain medications, as prescribed, on a daily basis by Facetime.